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Calgan Lounge, a proudly South African company, founded in 1993 by CEO Cecil Kagan, is a leading South African manufacturer of motion suite furniture, specialising in producing both single seat recliners and recliner suites to both the South African and export markets, supplying the major chains and the retailers.


Calgan’s history has been routed in the production of many different selections of lounge furniture over the 21 years to 2013, providing custom designed offerings to our customers in both local and imported fabrics to the South African and African retail market.

Our Stated Intention

Calgan’s stated intention is to produce world class, quality, custom designed and locally produced motion furniture, both in imported leathers as well as local leather and other products in the various configurations as required by our customers. As such, we source top quality raw materials from the local South African market in support of the view that we encourage the growth of local industry first due to our focus on social responsibility as an executive team, before sourcing from the overseas market and we ensure that the best quality of raw materials are used in the production of each and every one of the Calgan Recliners that leave our factory.

Our People

Having grown the business from a small industrial warehousing unit in 1993 to a staff complement of 400 permanent employees at the height of the season, Calgan’s philosophy has been not to lose the family culture and the Calgan family is critical to our success. Our happy people mean great product and great delivery, which in turn leads to happy customers.

Our Products

Individual chairs and entire suites are designed by Calgan, with or without reclining actions, depending on the composition required by our Customers. Each piece can be individually specified by the Customer and it is possible to have up to 5 separate actions in a single three piece suite.


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Calgan Lounge

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10 Martin Street, Selby Ext 3

Johannesburg, South Africa


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